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Innovaterra is located in Brussels.


Hi, I am Pierre Echard, founder of InnovaTerra.


For close to twenty-five years, I have been working with organisations and companies in their sustainability initiatives. Following a Bachelor of Science in development sociology from Cornell University (USA) and an MBA from ESSEC business school (France), I worked for 5 years in Africa and Latin America with several NGOs and United Nations agencies. Since I returned to Europe in 2001, I collaborate with companies, networks and organisations in their corporate responsibility and eco-innovation strategies.

I am also actively engaged in raising awareness, training and supporting students and professionals to better integrate environmental challenges and opportunities, through a range of activities including public speaking, trainings and workshops.

For more information on public speaking opportunities, please visit my speakersbase profile and Linkedin page.


What InnovaTerra believes in.


A global and systemic vision, translated to actionable intelligence.

Creative confidence.

Nobody holds all the keys.

Goodwill and empathy.

The power of failure.


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