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Case studies


InnovaTerra has worked with a wide range of organisations, providing solutions ranging from short-term advisory services to multi-annual project-based collaborations. Here you will find a couple of examples, do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss these further!


Implementing Life Cycle Analysis in SMEs

We contributed to the design and implementation of Life Cycle in Practice, a European project helping SMEs in the construction, recycling and energy sectors to integrate Life Cycle thinking into their business. In Belgium, we worked with companies like RubberGreen, which transforms waste from tire production into anti-vibration mats used in urban environments. 



Laboratory for Social Innovation by design for MAD Brussels


We collaborated with the Brussels Fashion and Design Platform MAD Brussels in the development of MAD LAB, a laboratory for social innovation and an eco-design centre helping companies, non-profits and public authorities adopt design thinking approaches to address social, environmental and economic challenges.


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