Design of innovative solutions with a positive impact on the planet.

InnovaTerra works
alongside companies and organisations
in their sustainability efforts.


Our services


InnovaTerra offers a full range of sustainability services. We work together with our clients to design impactful projects and strategies, engage with relevant stakeholders, communicate and lobby to maximize our impact. 


Services for companies


InnovaTerra helps companies optimize the environmental performance of their products and services, adopt circular business models and implement their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.


Environmental impact assessment.

Life Cycle Analysis of your products and services.

Exploring the key challenges in your sector.

Benchmark of good practices in your sector.

Development of projects and partnerships to support your efforts.

Design of your sustainability strategy.

Definition of your environmental communication.


Services for Organisations


InnovaTerra helps organisations to tackle the world's most pressing problems. Throughout the project life cycle, we propose strategic and innovative approaches to ensure a continued impact into the future.


Project design.

Partnerships, network development.

Fundraising, resource mobilisation.

Project management, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Stakeholder dialogue and engagement.

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