We listen to our customers, and proposed tailored solutions.

A global and systemic vision, translated to actionable intelligence

The multidimensional and interrelated nature of sustainability issues requires us to apprehend them from a holistic perspective. Our approach is to translate them into tangible elements for our clients, enabling them to apprehend and act upon them in a practical way.

Creative confidence

Building upon the ideas of David Kelly, co-founder of IDEO, we are confident of everyone's ability to imagine their own solutions. And also that sustainable strategies and projects must emanate from those who will carry them over time. That is why we propose a journey based on creativity and innovation, allowing our clients to identify internally the solutions to implement.

Nobody holds all the keys

Engaging in a circular economy requires a wide range of talents and expertise. This is why collaborative approaches are key to building together the most suited solutions for our clients.

Goodwill and empathy

Understanding the user is a cornerstone of design thinking. In the past, too many sustainability efforts have imposed, even with the best of intentions, solutions that do not truly respond to user behaviours and needs. Our approach endeavours to empathise with our clients and their stakeholders, in order to achieve ergonomic results.

The power of failure

In the complex and rapidly evolving field of sustainability, design thinking is an approach that helps to achieve humanly desirable, technically feasible and economically viable solutions. Understanding user needs, research, iteration, prototyping and testing (and sometimes failing!) are key to learning what is the best solution.