Innovates for / Fabric’Africa

Bringing solar power to remote places
to promote creative projects

Numerous African regions are sorely lacking economic development opportunities and social because of the lack of reliable, clean and affordable energy supply. These conditions contribute to the exile of the populations in search of economic opportunities to meet their needs.

Fabric' Africa has for objective to propose long-lasting(sustainable) and concrete solutions to re-revitalize the rural economy, and allow the populations to take in hand their own fate rather than to depend on outside help. Notre FabLab Solaire integrates(joins) an autonomous production tool into energy and a multifunctional and customizable space allowing to meet the needs of tools of production and of training(formation).

Fabric' Africa answers new economic perspectives bound(connected) to the circular economy and the innovation on the base(basis) of the pyramid. Fabric' Africa has for ambition to meet the needs local populations. Upstream to the deployment, an in-depth study is led in partnership with the local actors and the international experts. According to the priorities, FabLab will propose tools and adapted equipments.

Jonas Nicollin